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Minor Tweaks

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So! The new comment system has been temporarily taken down — it shall return in a couple of weeks, once the dev of the API I’m using has finished migrating their set-up to something more robust and sustainable. In the meantime, you can contact me via e-mail — you’ll find the link in the footer navigation.

A number of typos have been fixed.

Nothing else of note has occurred — and the latest site backend update is likely to be the last major code upgrade for at least six months, as the JamStack ecosystem is currently, ahem,

evolving and I’m letting the silt settle down before I dive back in.

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Apologies — comments are temporarily closed. They will re-open as soon as I find a stable or self-hosted solution for static-site comment systems.

In the meantime, you may comment on the

ScribbleHub mirror or the SufficientVelocity mirror; if you're commenting on a blog post, rather than a story update, please kindly link the post in question so others (including me) have some idea of what you're responding to.

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