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Miscellaneous Housekeeping

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First off — still working on the next update; I make no promises as to when it’ll be done, as I’m preparing for the High Holy Days, resuming studying with a rabbi as part of a bid to unfuck my murky halakhic status by brute force, and I’ll likely be out of commission for a few weeks just as Tishrei turns to Markheshvan, and that’s all I’ll say about

that for now.

Now, on to the actual purpose of this blog update: the site should load a tiny bit faster now, as I’ve gone to the trouble of manually optimising the logo image and the OpenGraph link cards. A major overhaul of the backend is coming … ah. At some point. Again, I don’t want to promise a deadline that I’ll skate past in the manner of Douglas Adams.

There’s been some scattered corrections to the text, most notably excising a stray reference to a mammal that has not, in fact, seen widespread domestication in the setting, and replacing said reference with one that namedrops a domesticated animal that does exist on Mir … and elsewhere, but not (sadly) on earth. I’m sure you’ll find out exactly what a destrier is soon enough, if you don’t already know~


Sometime in the near future, I’ll be updating the whole existing text to make sure transliteration is both consistent and satisfactory to me, but that hasn’t happened yet — some of you may have noticed that I’ve changed how I render Yiddish words; Yiddish is bizarrely difficult to render in the Roman alphabet, at least when assuming an Anglophone audience and I foresee dissatisfaction with my prior method of doing things being a recurring issue for me. Well, nu. It is what it is.

Take care all, and I’ll hopefully have an update for ye soon.


  • [site] the few existing images have been manually optimised, in the hopes of making the site load faster.
  • [site] the comment section placeholder now links to the off-site mirrors, which do have functioning comment systems.
  • [story] miscellaneous typos and unsatisfactory word choices have been pruned.
  • [story] a minor retcon: horses are not widely domesticated on Mir, and certainly not by the inhabitants of the plena that are more or less equivalent to West, Central and East Asia in the given world. The one salient reference to horsesat the end of 1-001-01 has been excised; I’m terrible at subtle hints, so I’m sure between “guano” and the wark above, most of you have figured out what a destrier is. A further clue: it’s only got two legs, but is a rather good climber … and when it climbs vertically, it exhibits true tripedal locomotion.
  • [misc] Kweh.

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