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So! Next update is … coming. At some point. Winter is difficult for me, and I’ve got a flu shot (and maybe a COVID booster?) tomorrow, as well as morning services, so who knows if I’ll be at all functional this weekend.

I’ve made a couple of minor edits, which are catalogued here; one of them is truly trivial, one of them is more interesting, at least in my opinion. Changelog’s at the end of the blog post.


is, however, serial-related news: I’ve made aSufficient Velocity mirror. Not entirely sure if anyone who’s already reading via the main site will have much use for mirrors, but one now exists.

In non-serial-related news, I’m now on Mastodon — Mastodon.

The comments system is still down; you can comment on Sufficient Velocity for now, or post on Mastodon and @ me (or tag it #TheBitterDrop, I suppose). I’m optimistic about finding a long-term comments solution in the long run. In the short run … well, there’s thus far those aforementioned alternatives.

And that’s it thus far! See you all soon, hopefully, and git Shabbos.


  • [story] changed the material of Leyb’s high heels from “leather” to “pleather”, as referenced in 1-001-01. Yes, that was necessary and the distinction is important, at least to anyone who’s ever worn both kinds.
  • [story] changed all instances of Anzu saying “ziseleh” to “ziskeyt”, as a) on the balance, i like this particular variant of the endearment better b) it shows off Anzu’s dialect immediately c) it does not have that annoying ambiguous “e”/“eh” at the end, which many people apparently keep mispronouncing. I’m thinking of revising my transliteration scheme to hew closer to folk transliteration and away from YIVO, which is apparently far too arcane for Anglophones.

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