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Chapter I:Sparrows

The hour’s getting late and soon we'll have to pay our dues.
We're faced with situations where we all will have to choose;
And no one will recover what we're all about to lose.
And history's a river full of things we'll have to use.
The world is turning colder and the walls are high and true;
The cities all are burning into something dark and new;
The fire and the waste have beat the heavens black and blue
You're refugees from wars between religious points of view
And all the broken borders of the names they put on you
You’re strangers in your home, even stranger sur la rue...

I have a little prophecy for you
An apocalyptic mystery, a clue:
When the world becomes Detroit
We all become like Jews
When Zion is destroyed
The promise will come true
Detroit is all your cities
And Zion is in you
So learn to take it with you
Learn to be a Jew

Wißt Ihr warum der Sarg wohl
So groß und schwer mag seyn?
Ich legt’ auch meine Liebe
Und meinen Schmerz hinein.

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