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On the Perils of Promises

Isak Bloom |

I aten’t dead, but I should really just stop making any promises about deadlines.

Chapter 001 has been

updated — the scene posts have been backdated, since I am a little neurotic and also since I do intend on updating as often as I can until I’ve caught up to where the story “should” have been by now, had I been actually updating weekly.

Chapter 000 has been lightly edited, mostly for somewhat better compliance with actual Early Modern English grammar, and for consistency. The most prominent change is that the colour of the narrator’s eyes is now

lavender rather than violet, to nix unintended connotations and introduce related, but more appropriate connotations.

Credits & Acknowledgements have been updated to reflect Aster’s help with geomancy, and zie’s further credited on 1-001-02, where the geography/geology of the Talons first become relevant; credits for assistance with editing and suchlike are in the Author’s Note for 1-001-01. Going forward, credits will appear in the Author’s Note for the relevant scene(s), and any ongoing assistance will be added to the Credits page.

Further stylistic, copyediting and consistency edits will likely keep happening: I’ll try and make note of them on this blog, if they’re significant enough — typo corrections and minor word swaps will not be noted, unless they make a significant difference to the meaning.

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